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GigaMVS-palace & relievo
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GigaMVS-palace & relievo
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GigaMVS-palace & relievo
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GigaMVS-palace & relievo


Palace and relievo scales


32007m2 collected scenes


10× higher than existing benchmarks


Introduction to GigaMVS

GigaMVS is the first gigapixel-image-based 3D reconstruction benchmark for ultra-large-scale scenes. The gigapixel images, with both wide field-of-view and high-resolution details, can clearly observe both the Palace-scale scene structure and Relievo-scale local details. The ground-truth geometry is captured by the laser scanner, which covers ultra-large-scale scenes with an average area of 8667 m2 and a maximum area of 32007 m2 . Owing to the extremely large scale, complex occlusion, and gigapixel-level images, GigaMVS exposes problems that emerge from the poor scalability and efficiency of the existing MVS algorithms. We thoroughly investigate the state-of-the-art methods in terms of geometric and textural measurements, which point to the weakness of the existing methods and promising opportunities for future works. We believe that GigaMVS can benefit the community of 3D reconstruction and support the development of novel algorithms balancing robustness, scalability and accuracy

If you use our dataset, please cite the following paper: [PDF]

@ARTICLE{zhang2021gigamvs, author={Zhang, Jianing and Zhang, Jinzhi and Mao, Shi and Ji, Mengqi and Wang, Guangyu and Chen, Zequn and Zhang, Tian and Yuan, Xiaoyun and Dai, Qionghai and Fang, Lu}, journal={IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence}, title={GigaMVS: A Benchmark for Ultra-large-scale Gigapixel-level 3D Reconstruction}, year={2021}, volume={}, number={}, pages={1-1}, doi={10.1109/TPAMI.2021.3115028}}

Live Demo of GigaMVS

Professors in Our Team

Lu Fang

Tsinghua University

Qionghai Dai

Tsinghua University